Who we are

MYC 2016

You’ll get the best answer to who we are by coming along to a public forum or a discussion group, and meeting the people who are part of Christian Union. The members are what makes CU what it is. In terms of administration-type roles, CU is a group run by a team of current Mac Uni students, and invites a few other people who are trained or are currently training in Christian ministry to help out in teaching, training, evangelism, and other sorts of things.

Student Executive

The Student Executive and their areas of specific responsibility are as follows (email them by clicking on their name):


Scott Warner is our AFES staff worker, and is part of CU in order to help and encourage students in their Christian growth and witness.

Elizabeth Strachan joined us in 2016 as a full time AFES staff worker.

Daniel Ng and Megan Ng work part-time on campus sharing the good news of Jesus with students.

In addition to working with their own local churches, Jonathon Mason are also on campus at various times of the week as a ministry apprentice.