Discussion Groups, Prayer Quads, 1-2-1s, Campus conversations

Discussion groups

Each week students gather around campus in small groups (8–10 people, on average) to read, investigate, and discuss the Bible at university. This semester we will be looking into the biography of Jesus called the book of Luke. These groups provide a great chance to get to know other students on campus, to pray with others and to get to know the true Jesus, or bring a friend along to do so.

Discussion groups are for anybody interested in reading and investigating the Bible. No ‘neccesary background’ is required, nor do you need to be a church-goer. Rest assured, you won’t be forced to read aloud, pray or answer questions if you don’t want to. If you have ever wanted to know what is said in the Bible, and what it means for us today, a Discussion Group is for you!

Christian Union runs many Discussion Groups throughout the semester, at various times so as to allow everybody interested to be involved. The times change every semester, so be sure to let us know your avaliabilities!

If you would like to know more information about Discussion Groups contact Sharon or message our facebook page!

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Prayer Quads

Prayer Meetings involve meeting together regularly in a group to pray and encourage each other in faith. Prayer Quads will be running at several times throughout the week this semester depending on availability. Prayer is an important part of being a Christian and this is a great opportunity to pray for each other, for our campus, and for the wider community. If you are interested in joining a prayer quad, please contact Sam (prayer@christianunion.org.au).


1-2-1 is meeting up with an older or younger person to read the Bible together. It’s a wonderful opportunity to find out more about Christianity, ask questions and look into what the Bible says about Jesus and life! We will be mainly reading Luke this semester, a biography of Jesus’s life and therefore have the perfect opportunity to uncover who he truly is.  It is also a great opportunity for newer Christians to learn alongside a more mature Christian in order to grow in maturity in Christ. If you are interested in meeting with someone 1-2-1 please sign up contact Hannah (vicepresident@christianunion.org.au) and indicate your gender and whether you would like to meet with a more mature Christian or someone younger.


Campus Conversations

ster, a These are a time when we go out into the uni and strike up conversations with people about Jesus, the faith and what they believe. You would be surprised how open people are and how little people know about the good news of Jesus. And although they may not know it, we know that it is of utmost importance that they hear it! We meet from Monday-Friday at 12pm outside the Hub near boost before we go out in pairs. If you are interested and want to find out more please email Sam (evangelism@christianunion.org.au)